9 October 2007

calls 07

The mailbox from all that it comes for this way.
El Taller de Zenon tries to classify it, but not always it coincides with the author.
The border between the different artistic fields every day is mas diffuse and the theoretical ones do not put in agreement in the limits of every field.
After years of study to discover the differences, we have decided that only the author is authorized to decide where to fit his work.

CALLS 2007
Chooses a call (or both) and send us your works.
Answer and exchange to all. Exhibition in our web-galleries.
Open theme. No deadline.
To indicate the call ( please).

Miguel Jimenez
El Taller de Zenón
C/ Santa María de Guía nº 1 - 4º C
ES - 41008 Sevilla España


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