25 October 2007

Hommage a Master

Mail Art Project 2007
"Hommage à Master"
Debrecen, 12 August 2007.

Dear Artist,

The Faculty of Economics and the Department of International Relations and World Economics (University of Debrecen, Hungary) invites the artists to participate in the 4nd International Mail Art Exhibition, from 24 November to 20 December, 2007 in Aula Gallery of Faculty.
The theme is "Hommage à Master". The exhibition is sponsored by The Példa Képfõiskola, The SpanishFlu @rt webroom (www.spanyolnatha.hu), the Hungarian Electrographic Society, the Hungarian Pastel Society and the Marcelland International Art Collection.

Curator: Ms. Eszter Láng

The collection of the biennial will be also seen in Nagyvárad and Nagybánya (Romania), in 2008. Please, send your contributions.


„All of us learn from somebody. All of us has (had) a nice, favourite teacher, lecturer, whom we can admire, whose knowledge, values we can respect, from whom we can learn something, which can be learnt that way just from him and who opened the window to the world, let our wings to open, even encouraged us to fly. And whom, even after stepping forward, we always remember thankfully and with appreciation.” (Láng Eszter, 2006) .This exhibition revives the memory of the master. Or better of the MASTER, written like this, all with capital letters.

The exhibition is exclusively held for works of the theme concerned, created for this occasion and sent by conventional post. All the two-dimmensional art works will be displayed independently of its form, material, technique (drawings, graphics, photos, paintings, art stamps, seal prints, or other two-dimmensional works of art connected to the topic stated), if it arrives as a postcard or a letter: posted 'uncovered' and those put into an envelope whether they are. The works non will be returned to their creators, these will get into the Marcelland International Art Collection. Feel free to use the most postal elements or extra services possible (spectacular stamps, registered letter, special delivery) in order to decorate your mail art work.

Works must be received by mail .

Required format: max 20 x 30 cm.

Please include on the back of your work or in document attached
your name, full mailing address, short CV, title of artwork, medium and e-mail address, (website if you have one).

Documentation will be sent to all participants. (Besides this a CD-ROM catalogue is
probably availabe after the occasion and will cost 10 euro or 12 USD.)

Works must be received before November 20, 2007.

All art works to be mailed to:

Faculty of Economics
University of Debrecen
Kassai út 26.
H-4028 Debrecen

With best regards,
The Organisation Committee

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