23 August 2007

Vittore Baroni is looking for sounds...

hallo, I hope all is going well with you & your projects!

The reason why I write you:

A friend of mine is filming a documentary on MAIL ART starting from my archive, I am trying to put together a "best of" of postal networking-related musical compositions that he can use for the soundtrack. I started with giving him some pieces from the VEC anthologies, Rod Summers, Keith Bates, Monty Cantsin/Istvan Kantor, my own Le Forbici di Manitù 1992 Congress anthem. I wonder if you have any appropriate idea of tracks I should include or material to suggest, possibly in digital Mp3 format (so it can be sent via-email, deadline is mid-September). If your contribution or proposal is used, you will be credited and I will send you a copy of the documentary (it's not for commercial release, my young friend is graduating from art academy and this is his final thesis work).

I hope to hear from you,

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