1 August 2007

Collaborative Journal Project Update

The Collaborative Journal Project is alive and well!

I have been onthe road for almost a month, but I have returned and my mail box wasfull, full, full! I had seven books waiting for me and several morephotographed pages sitting in my digital camera. I have uploaded allthe pictures, but I have not gotten the names on the files yet…gotake a look anyway. Here's a list of the books that I have uploadedphotos of 4, 7, 11, 13, 24, 25, 26, 29, 30, 32 and 34.As I've mentioned before…I have several books that have beenlost/kept by artists unwilling to send them back. Here's the list ofthe books I will be listing as MISSING…if you have worked in one ofthese books before the last person swiped them and want to work inanother one, please send me an email: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mailart/post?postID=EA01GoLaielH7FKc52OJLJnZH8iszkWncxj7AsekuV4suzI4ip23kVPeOZ9jtaRFxRe8HHM6MgxkG39R8VZ8abZBxA.

If you know any of the folks that have kept a book, PLEASE send thema note asking them to return the journal.Journal Number Two: Paula Bogan, Springfield, VirginiaJournal Number Five: Lost in the Mail from Pomona, CaliforniaJournal Number Six: neRRaDa, Queensland, AustraliaJournal Number Eight: Laurie Jean Crowe, Pinckney, MichiganJournal Number Nine: Santala, Mikkeli, FinlandJournal Number Ten: D. Ferris, Davidson, North CarolinaJournal Number Fourteen: Megan Ware, Seattle, WashingtonJournal Number Fifteen: Sharon Busuttil, NSW, AustraliaJournal Number Sixteen: Sylvia Sanchez, Lake Charles, LousianaJournal Number Seventeen: Elgin Carver, Paint Rock, AlabamaJournal Number Nineteen: Susanna Sharp, Valdez, AlaskaJournal Number Twenty: Jennafer Johnk, Molalla, OregonJournal Number Twenty-One: David Baptiste Chirot, Milwaukee,WisconsinJournal Number Twenty-Two: ArtBat Megan Miller, Crawford, TexasJournal Number Twenty-Three: Melissa Shatto, Bel Air, MarylandJournal Number Twenty-Seven: Sarah Ellis, Red Oak, TexasJournal Number Twenty-Eight: Melissa Fortenberry, Tuckerman, Arkansas

As you can see, almost half of the books are missing…and only ONE hasbeen confirmed to be lost "in the mail". I have tried sending emailsand post cards asking for the journals back…but have little luck.I'm sure I'll get hate mail for posting this list…but I'm trying toput together a exhibit of the books for the end of the year and Ihave way too many missing books right now.Now…I am a glutton for punishment…so I'm sending out more books asquickly as people sign up to work in them…but I'd really like torecover some of the "missing" books as well. If you'd like to workin a brand new book, please send me an email with your name andaddress. You have 15 days to work in the journal and send it back.You can see pictures of all the journals (missing and otherwise) onmy art blog: http://serendipityart.squarespace.com/10-day-journal-project/

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