9 August 2007

Fraenz's big project !

Hello !

Here you may learn more about that (IMHO useful) project !

I'm trying to create
with the aim to make it easier to contact a lot of mail artists in no time, if something
important, interesting or useful ( about mail art, such activities, its actors, etc.)
has to be published in a quick way.
Important to know that it's NOT a newsgroup !!!
It's a simple mailing list that can be used by every LISTED owner of a google
Future listed "real" mail artists has to be known at least by me, or by one of our
mail art colleagues ! - Anonymous guys aren't accepted !
The list is moderated to avoid spam and/or other stupid postings.
Ongoing or not ongoing ...
... that depends on your interest !!!
Please, click

absent till September 1, 007

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ArtyEm said...

and do tell us where to go to get a copy of your list!