3 August 2007


Mid-way between writing and painting, proudly stands Calligraphy. This art form is increasingly being used for everyday communication as a result of the richness of modern technology.
This from the first French-Speaking Calligraphy Board.

It is because of the kinship amongst calligraphers from different countries that "Mail Art across the World" project was conceived.

It is a forum of exchange and resources for all kind of writing.
the dutch calligrapher Gerda Heikoop,the belgian association "Plumes et Calames" (Silences, les Dunes ASBL)the french association "Atelier-Calligraphie",the english calligrapher Paul Antoniohave decided to build a bridge between calligraphy lovers all over the world in order to show to everybody that incredible art called Calligraphy.

NEDERLAND Grafikal Vormgeving

BELGIUM Plumes et Calames

FRANCE Atelier-Calligraphie

UNITED-KINGDOM Paul Antonio Scribe


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