14 August 2007

The Paris Correspondence School

"RIEN," an artist stamp based upon a collage, was featured in the Axis of Evil: The Secret History of Sin exhibition organized by Michael Hernadez de Luna in 2005. Working with my friend, the rubber stamp master, Robert Ruscoe, I produced a half dozen sheets of "RIEN" stamps. [Together, we now operate Lalade Digital Art Press in Paris]. The Axis of Evil show was dedicated to Chicago artist Ed Paschke and honored him by attracting wide attention, including that of the Secret Service. I've put this and others on The Paris Correspondence School page on my web site. I still like dropping these things in the post here in Paris. [Click to enlarge].


IUOMA said...

Hi Matthew Rose,

Welcome of this blog and thanks for posting this here. The envelope looks very good....!



Really nice stamp. I love nunploitation!
and nothing vintage and catholic is alien to me.


She's a beauty. In some ways the RIEN stamp is an homage to Clovis Trouille's provocative nun, "Religious Italian Smoking a Cigarette" (1944).

I've long embraced the friction and fascination of religious symbols and religious language. Hundreds of contemporary artists, – myself included have dealt with sin, God, faith and faithlessness, the sleep of logic/reason and the construction/deconstruction of a powerful image base promoting belief. A lot of work for a little stamp to accomplish!