3 January 2016

Nature - Portugal

1st senior mail art call

 Agitar- Senior Oporto University call out for the first senior mail art:

-       Theme: Nature

-       Size: 10 x 15 cm

-       Technique : free

-       Postcards without envelope

-       No jury, no fee, no judge

-       Deadline:  January  31st, 2016

The postcards will be on display in www.agitar.pt, on facebook and you tube and a physical exhibition inside the university. 

Send your postcard to:

Agitar – Universidade Sénior do Porto
Rua Hernâni Torres, 197
4200- 320 Porto

With name, address and email
More information at: universidadesenior@agitar.pt


Daniel C. Boyer said...

When will the exhibition take place?

Artefaque: (är'tə-fākt') * said...

Clicking on your website brings up warning notice from Norton Anti Virus. The link is associated with Mass Injection Website 19 (Virus).