10 January 2016

Monuments - GREECE

Organized By: TeeToTum (Georgia Grigoriadou) and Thessaloniki Photo Center
Event Description:
Concept Description: “Monuments” Monuments of today and of days past. Faraway monuments and familiar ones. Monuments of ugliness and monuments of beauty. Monuments of ours and those of our enemies. Monuments of faith and others of unfaithfulness. Monuments of loyalty and others of treason. Monuments of the personal and the collective memory. Monuments of tomorrow that yet remain unseen.
The works will be for sale and all collected money will be to support a Greek NGO of social solidarity.  About Works: 1. We can only accept works based on a photo, or works that deal with the technique of photography, or imply photo as a basic technique, or the use of manipulated photo to produce a new work, or photo collage etc. 
2. Maximum size (including the surrounding paper) must not exceed 20cm (8 inches) X 30cm (11 inches) 
3. All works will be exhibited at Vlassis Art Gallery (Thessaloniki, Greece) 
4. Exhibition Opening: May of 2016 
5. You can send more than one work at: Photography Center of Thessaloniki PO Box 50163 Thessaloniki – 54013 Greece
Entry Period Deadline: sent your works till 31/3/2016 

For more information please contact by email Georgia Grigoriadou at: gogo@go-teetotum.gr or Angelos Sofianidis at: angelos.sofianidis@gmail.com  E-invitation and e-catalogue will be sent for all participants.
Organizer: Photography Center of Thessaloniki ( www.fkth.gr ) & artist group TeeToTuM
For photographs of the previous year exhibition visit:
For the exhibition catalog of the above visit:

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