31 January 2016

Coffeefilter Mail Art Project

Start "Used Coffeefilter Mail Art Project": 24 november 2015.
Use a coffeefilter(size 4) to make coffee and afterwards make mail art of it.
Send to:
Ed Hanssen
Hoogstraat 29
the Netherlands
Deadline (end of project):
13 May 2016.
No return.
Catalog of all entries.
I invite 10 mail art artists (who are not yet participating in my projectmailartbooks) per week untill 31 december 2015.
Every mail art artist is most welcome to join.
Email: mail@projectmailartbooks.com mention Used Coffeefilter MailArt Project.
We will have an exhibition mid 2016 at the Dutch coffee-roasting factory FASCINO COFFEE, Weert, the Netherlands.

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