22 September 2007

Seuss's Cat

Thats right my call for this is still open so if people want to join
in do send me an email. I did send all the previous requests for
leaflets out but if anyone has not received theres please let me know
and I will get another sent out ASAP


No I don't mean those people who can move themselves in some very
interesting positions but in fact my friends band – The
Contortionists. Having attended their gig on Saturday night they had
a number of left over flyers, which gave me the idea to start this
call. This is an altered image call – I will send you a copy of one
of their flyers and I want you to take aspects of the flyer and make
it into a piece of mail art.
The only rule is that you must use the bands name The Contortionists
in the piece. What else you use from it is up to you. If you want to
get a feel for the band www.contortionist-manifesto.com but it is
totally up to you.

So to sign up for this wonderful call

Size: No larger than A4
Media: Free
Deadline: October 15th 2007
Documentation to all.

Once you have received your flyer and looking to send your piece
back, send to:

Seuss's Cat
103 Rydal Drive

I look forward to seeing what wonderful things you all come up with
which you will be able to view at: Http://www.seussscat.blogspot.com

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Seuss's Cat said...

Hey thanks for adding this for me and adding me to the blog. I much appreciate it! Plus there are some good calls on here I hadn't noticed elsewhere so some good stuff to get involved in!