23 September 2007

Robert Ruscoe: Rubber Madness

Robert Ruscoe, my partner at Lalande Digital Art Press Paris, is also a mad rubber stamper. He's created more than 1000 works in rubber. Here he is stamping away at the 2003 Mail Art exhibition in Paris organized by Christian Balmier. That show included a number of artists including Michel Hosszù, Daniel Dagliand, Laurent Rousseau and for the closing, became the embassy launchpad for Liz Stirling's Liz Vegas. Needless to say, it was a scream in Pink.

This piece (right), is the newest in our Carte de Rencontre promotion series, and features Robert's brilliant "LES POTES" rubberstamp, and two gay men with the tagline: RUBBER SAVES LIVES. It's our Ca-Potes (condom in French and potes/friends play on LA POSTE) card. Yes, we're targeting the male gay market in Paris with a rubber stamp/mail art image! If you're in Paris, look for them next weekend in the Marais, along the rue des Archives.

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