20 October 2014

The Bed Show: Mail Art Call

The Bed Show: Mail Art Call
Each of us will spend at least a 1/3 of our lives in bed, and it's rare that we even seriously think about this place where we spend so much time. We are born in beds and we die in beds, beds can be places of refuge, places of desire, places of soltitude and comfort — many different things. This show will explore the varied ways we see and understand the place of the bed within our personal lives and its role within the larger cultural landscape.
These works will be exhibited as part of The Bed Show that will take place from March 5 - April 2, 2015 at the Lawton Gallery, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, USA.
Deadline: Feb. 14th, 2015. All works will be posted on the Lawton Gallery's facebook. Please note: only works addressing the theme will be posted/exhibited. This show is being curated by Stephen Perkins.
Lawton Gallery, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, 
2420 Nicolet Drive, 
Green Bay, WI 54311 - USA

For further information please contact Stephen Perkins at: perkinss@uwgb.edu
Images: Top: Edouard Manet, Olympia (1863) Bottom: Tracey Emin, Bed (1998)

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