6 October 2014

"Say hi to Tom!"

Hello everone!
Hola tothom!
Hallo an alle!

I would like to present to you my new project

an international CALL for postcards

T H AN K   Y O U   for your dedicated attention!
The ones of you that already know what this is all about can skip the paragraph :)

This is a CALL for a participative action! You send me a postcard via postal service and you will get one made by me in exchange.
A postcard-collage by the artist Christina Schultz for every participant of this action. 
The merit goes to you in refreshing a lost but poetic form of communication, making visible a conflictive issue in playful way and fool around a little bit with the image of your town. 

I got a MISSION:
This action is dedicated to all hosts and travelers who fight against mass tourism. 

Here comes the most important!

I would like to see this CALL reach the remotest country on this earth!
Please participate, expand, share and play with this CALL for postcards!

Right now the most important thing for this project is to SHARE it as much as you can.

You can PARTICIPATE here

SHARE the project on Facebook, Google+ and TWITTER




pass the information by word, telepathy, bottle messages, morse etc.

T H A N K   Y O U !!!

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