22 October 2012

Hide That Wall!

Mail Art Call

Hide That Wall!

Theme: Room

Technique : Free

Size: Free
Deadline: January 23rd 2013

Ideal room, room of horrors, yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s room? What is your idea behind The room?

For more than 15 years, I have cut, glued, hid, created and admired the images on the walls of my room. August 2012. I literally tore off, one by one, what was on the walls (and sealing) of my late teen’s room. Most of the images, synonym of hope and broken dreams, were saved. They were carefully stored, because what’s not lost, seeks desperately transformation. It was decided that this material would be used to create a multitude of postal art projects taking the basic concept of The room. Hide That Wall!’s ultimate goal is the create exchanges. For every card I receive, I will send one in return. I will document all the work (mine and yours). For more info: www.cachezcemur.tumblr.com

Many thanks!

Send your work with postal address:

Elaine Fafard-Marconi

540, rue Sainte-Thérèse

Joliette (Québec)  J6E 4A8


Follow the exchanges! All the work will be showcased on this website:  http://www.cachezcemur.tumblr.com/

You can send more than one postal art! 



« Of course you must be Elaine, Anne, » said Diana « I could never have the courage to float down there. »

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