28 October 2012

FR33 Festival - CHILE

Call for Mail Art Festival LIBR3 / FR33 FESTIVAL
Festival of Culture, sustainability and free technology

Topic: Free Culture
Technique: Free
Maximum size: A4 (21 x 27,9 cm.)
Reception: to name cluch - Free Culture University of Chile
Mailing Address: Av Tupper 2140, Hall 8, Santiago, Chile. Postal Code: 8370482
Or email: festival@libr3.org
Deadline: November 15, 2012 (deadline for email november 20)

The philosophy of mail art has come to society, we are organizing a festival that includes the premises of mail art, inclusiveness or not selection because it is for everyone, the idea of the importance of communication over art, because we building a network of networks, we unify the current network of free culture and create a large network to empower ourselves, we are free culture, free software, free seeds, free art.
We expect mail art networks support us in this mission, we will first Festival of culture and technology free, and we invite you to participate with a work of art free, A4 maximun size, the subject is free culture, and the delivery date is the November 15, 2012, to prepare an exhibition within the LIBR3 Festival, which will be on 23 and 24 November this year.
The Fr33 Festival will be held in the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Chile, the address is Beauchef 850, Santiago, Chile.

Reception: to CLUCH - Free Culture of the University of Chile
Mailing Address: Av. Tupper 2140, sala 8, Santiago, Chile. Postal Code: 8370482
Or email: festival@libr3.org

The works will be exhibited in the halls of the university and will be posted on the event's website http://festival.libr3.org/ and in an article in the magazine of contemporary art and new trends “Escáner Cultural” www.escaner.cl will be in charge of this exhibition. After the festival the whole of the works will be touring the headquarters of the communities that organized the festival. To finally be part of the heritage of culture and technology network free.
Deadline: November 15, 2012

Compensation: Each author will receive a thank you letter with a list of all participants and all the works will be exhibited at the festival website.

For more information write to Marcela Rosen marcelarosen@gmail.com
Art FR33 Festival commissioned.

Marcela Rosen Murúa

usuaria linux #502942

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