24 October 2012

D is For Dogs

D Is For Dogs – Mail Art Posted on June 2, 2012 To celebrate 20 years of making Cack music, art and performance Wevie Stonder will be opening a multidimensional portal to their World Of Wevie in Hamburg on Friday November the 30th 2012. The event “Wevie Wonderland in 3D – eine Schnapsidee von Wevie Stonder” will feature a plethora of Vaudevillian attractions including lectures, historic re-enactments, Cack films and performances such as “Wolfboy”, “Small People”, “Chuck Spunk vs Mothman”, and to top it all off “Wevie Stonder Live in 3D!”. A very important part of the celebrations will be an exhibition of Mail Art with the theme - “D Is For Dogs”. We would like to invite you to participate by sending us your mail art! Drawings; paintings; sculptures; whatever form this favoured Wevie subject inspires you to produce. It’s up to you! The only criteria is that you mail it to us at the following address: Wevie Stonder c/o Henry Sargeant, Schleswigerstrasse 6, 22761 Hamburg, Deutschland. All participants will receive an invitation for free entry to the event and exhibition (this will be by e-mail so please include this with your mail art). Deadline for submissions is Friday November 9th 2012. Go on! You know you want to!

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