11 January 2012



We want to see the wood that grows where you live. Make wooden postcards from wood growing near you. Send them to:

Stehekin Mail Art

P.O. Box 301

Stehekin, Washington

98852 USA

Your postcards will be displayed on the walls of the Stehekin post office. We can’t return your cards. The exhibit starts as soon as your postcards arrive. Mail as many entries as you want until March 15th. For more details and for three examples of wooden postcards look

at our website: http://stehekinmailart.weebly.com/ Click on the “Wood” page.

Write the species of wood on your card and where it grew. We’ll list your name on the website and show a picture of your card. Please mail the wood as a postcard not as an enclosure in a package. If possible use stamps for postage not printed labels.

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