21 January 2012


WOMEN'S RIGHTS is our 4th Exhibition, thats Artists to Women Rights in Women in Art 4th

Artists lists to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd exhibitions was more than 100 artists from more than 20 countries !

PLEASE SUPPORT THIS EVENT!! take part as an artist or as a mail-artist, or so simple share this event to your friends and contacts !

DEAD LINE IS 02/ 2012

ask for info to Noemi Silvera response to this mail : info.smallart@gmail.com

Thank you and bests regards in advance

Read the rules for artists, or mail art or to help us in the BLOG


DERECHOS DE LAS MUJERES is nuestra 4ta Exposicion, esto es Artistas por los Derechos de las Mujeres en el Women in Art 4to.

La lista de artistas del 1°,2° y 3° ascendio a mas de 100 artistas de mas de 20 paises !

POR FAVOR DA TU APOYO A ESTE EVENTO !! puedes tomar parte como artista o como mail-artista o simplemente envia este evento a tus amigos y contactos !

FECHA FINAL 02 /2012

pide info a Noemi Silvera a traves de este mail : info.smallart@gmail.com

Gracias y cordiales saludos en anticipo

Lee el reglamento de obras, mail art y ayudas participativas en el BLOG


Noemi Silvera
http://noemi-silvera.blogspot.com : Noemi Silvera blog
http://printsaward.blogspot.com : Prints Exhibition Award
http://womeninartshow.blogspot.com : Women in Art
http://archiviumelyseo.blogspot.com : The Collection
http://planetbook.blogspot.com : Planet Book Exhibition

Solo Exhibitions:

Laboratorio de Arte Postmoderno

Blanes m126 s1


Costa urbana

MVD metropolitana, Uruguay

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