16 August 2011

Keep Coaldale Post Office Open

from : Richard Meade
I've heard from Bob and Kay Parker and they are receiving your mail art. Much thanks to all of you who are participating. Maybe I can help them to document the work being sent for an online show. KEEP SENDING YOUR ART! Please participat...e in this. I have a friend and fellow artist I've known since high school that lives in a rural area of Colorado. The government has placed their post office on a hit list for possible closing. Please send your mail art, a doodle, a photograph, a postcard, something, anything that is art related to the address below.

Keep Coaldale Post Office Open
c/o Kay Parker
P.O. Box 147
CO 81222

Sorry there will be no catalog of all the art sent because Coaldale is small and has no money. But out of the kindness of your heart you can send art their way and hopefully prove to the government their post office deserves to stay open. It's their only connection to the outside world. Please spread the word. Thanks.

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