27 August 2011



Foto Visual Poetry from The Eternal Network

call for foto vispo for group exhibition in the Fringe of Foto Freo Festival, Fremantle, Western Australia.

MEDIUM any photo medium [still], film, digital, altered photo,photo trouve [found] photocopy,scanner,

any drawing/writing with light etc

SUBJECT visual poetry,asemic writing,haptic,trashpo,text as point of departure, poetry related ie photos of

wearable poetry?

SIZE approx postcard size,can be artist book, or other format.

DATES please send between sept 1st 2011 and dec 31st 2011 .

EXHIBITION Foto Freo Fringe march 2012, application pending approval.

DOCUMENTATION works will be blogged on IUOMA as they come in , discussion welcome.

exhibition documentation march/ april 2012

SEND snail mail please, to

Foto Vispo ,

Helen Amyes,

Kitty Paw Cottage,

12 wheeler street,

York,Western Australia 6302.

any questions please feel free to contact me on email helenamyes@yahoo.com.au



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