14 May 2018

Trees - Portugal


This is a new mailart call for a ew portuguese organization.
Please upload this information on mailart blog:

Mailart is an artistic challenge launched by Go Romaria Cultural Association. This challenge aims to promote artistic works based an illustration of one of Gouveia’s most emblematic trees, that became the expression of the event Romaria Cultural.

Mailart challenge is open to every artist, from Portugal or other country. Artists may apply individually or in group with a maximum of 3 works per artist. Works fomat is free,free technique, including works with audio-visual elements as long as they have the tree as inspirational element.

Every work should be submitted by conventional mail to the following address:
GO Romaria - Associação Cultural Gouveense
Club Camões, 1º de Maio avenue, 9
6290-541 Gouveia, Portugal.
Information: mailart@romariacultural.pt

Termas and conditions available at: www.goromariacultural.wordpress.com/mailart-en/

Thank you!
Fernando Ferreira

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