26 August 2017

Question from Jesse - Guatemala

Dear International Union of Mail-Artists, 

My name is Jesse and I'm reaching out with respect to who you are and what you do. Regarding mail art, I organized an online auction for a Waldorf (arts) school for indigenous students in Guatemala, and one of the items for bid is 13 weeks of mail art from an artist, Katie Christian. She is not a member of IUOMA (yet), but she is a talented and reticent artist friend that I wish to encourage to create more.

My request is whether you could look at the link to her mail art prize for charity, consider it, and either spread the word internally or as some form of public PR? I share it in full so you can see evaluate it and see it is not spam: 

Guatemala sadly has NO postal service but I ask if there is anything I could do in return for this request for exposure among your community. I would also be grateful to know other PR avenues to whom I could reach out. 

Thank you for your time and for the work you do. Big Ray Johnson fan here! 


Jesse in Guatemala

Gerente de Recaudacion y Comunicacion
/Fundraising and Communications Manager 
+502 5993 1975  •  +502.5883.1609 (oficina/office)

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