9 August 2017

1011 FACES

Open Call to mailArt / to share freely. "1011 faces of the world" Call to artist, draftsman and designer scribouillards and scribouillardes, mail artists of a day or forever. From this day created a mail Art on the theme "I am writing from Belgium" (or ...your country) Also... "1011 faces of the world" ... Recipient: one of the residents of the Red Cross Center /Young réfugiés... Address: ...... Sign up for 1011visagesdumonde@gmail.com and we will tell you the first name of the person to send your work to, so we will distribute the items to all residents. In October, an exhibition will be organized at the Red Cross Center. This exhibition will highlight the works received as well as those created by the residents in response to the first ... the 1011 mailart received by the post office at least hopefully will be sent to their Recipients and stored on the Web in a dedicated space for further exchanges. Join .... like ... https://www.facebook.com/mailartiss/

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