2 December 2016

Santos Photo World - Brasil

Hello photographers and artists!

1st Santos Photo World June 23, 24 and 25, 2017  - DEADLINE to send your photos  May 31, 2017.

Subscribe via email: spwparticip@gmail.com and then send us your printed photo. Tam: 20x30 cm
The first international exhibition  “Santos Photo World” will have “Portraits of the World” as its subject and is set to happen on June 2017.
As the own name says itself, the event is a big exhibition formed by photographs of people around the world, including Brazil.
The goal is bring to the public from our city the culture and scenery diversity represented in portraits of people taken around the world.

You’re kindly invited to join our exhibition that is set to happen on June, 2017 in the historical city Santos, Brazil (the largest port in Latin America).
The exhibition will last three days and include music and dance presentations.
Also, a big divulgation on media and a large public and visibility is expected.

Subject: “PORTRAIT”, can be photos of a single person or groups, where expressions, look, vesture and adornment are valued.
You have total freedom, your photos can be taken spantaneously or in directed sessions or performances.

Tecnic: photographs with color or balck and white, portrait or landscape format on 20x30cm size. Each participant can send 3 photographs.
The photographs can be taken from all kinds of cameras: analog, digital or smartphone, no rules. Add the photographer name and the place from where it was taken, your e-mail address and Facebook profile. Don’t fold and if possible place the content between a thick paper to protect during the transport.
The author or person who send the photos will also be responsible to collect the authorization of image rights of the portrayed person.
The organization understands that every photo sent has the permission to be promoted on internet, exhibition and other communication channels.

As we receive the photos, we will publish them on our Facebook Page “Santos Photo World”.
No jury, no return.
Would be a pleasure if you can to invite your friends to join this project. Please, spread the word.

Please, send your photos to:
Santos Photo World
A/C Roberto Strauss
Rua Domingos José Martins 193 / Vila São Jorge – Santos SP Brasil / CEP: 11085-800

Email: organizaspw@gmail.com       homepage: http://bit.ly/2fJMMGB

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