13 December 2016

MYA Winged Goddess - Italy

A project by Domenico Ferrara Foria for M.Y.A. 2016

In this poster I have depicted a strange creature with winged head, perhaps the antagonist of the God Mercury. Spaced eyes… staring at her gives you migraine! She is wearing a strange helmet. Leaves grow from her chin and wrap around her face, as if to symbolize a rebirth... the rebirth of the Archives of Mail Art. The image is encased in a frame that could recall the Art Nouveau style. This strange creature is not simply a symbol of the archives of Mail Art, but of all Mail Art. This strange creature has a name: MYA.

Mail Art is expressed through the mail. The Postal Administrations raise the postage rates.
As a form of protest for these increases we invite everyone, mail artists or not, to download the poster of MYA (winged Goddess), to print it letter size, to take adhesive tape and camera and to put up the poster on street mailboxes, Post Offices, on your mailbox or in other public places.
Photograph this action and post the images on the DodoDada web site at
http://dododada.ning.com./group/mya2016  (if you are not registered on the site, register or send the photos to vittorebaroni@alice.it).
Specify your full name, your email, and the town and street address of the place where the action was performed.
Mail Art is participation. Do participate!|
Deadline: January 17th, 2017 (Art’s Birthday, according to Robert Filliou).
Documentation: inside the final Newsletter of M.Y.A. 2016.

Please help to circulate this invite, thanks!

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