15 November 2016

Marilyn Dammann - USA

My name is Karen Milszeski, I was a volunteer at Gallery 325 which was in the house of Marilyn Dammann ( Shadow Works). The gallery closed this year and a great deal of the mail art she had received is being cataloged at the Calumet Art Center up in the Keweenaw peninsula. The director of the center Ed Gray was a dear friend of Marilyn's. After we get the mail art cataloged we will have a monthly show of the mail art that she received either by artist or by the calls for art. We were wondering if anyone out there has any of Marilyn's mail art that she created to be added to what we have. Your response would be appreciated. Message me on Facebook or email sidnawbooks@yahoo.com. Check out The Calumet art Center on Facebook or web page. Thanks for your time. Karen

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