9 November 2016


Hello all artists all over the world !

You are kindly invited to congratulate Finland. Next year 2017 Finland is celebrating 100 years of independency. The whole year will be full of celebrations all over the country.

One way to congratulate celebrating Finland is to participate in this mail art project. I wish you want to be a part of team which is making this exhibition which will be in November 2017. The exhibition will be in Mainlibrary Arkki, Pälkäne, Finland.

Techinic is free on paper or cardboard.
Size is european standard A4, ONLY horizontal.
Every participant can send max. three art works to this project.
Add also your name, address and e-mail address. All information and the documentation will be sent only by e-mail.
Please, send with stamps in an envelope by snail mail. Do not bend.

No participation fee, no jury, no return.
Please, remember that in public library visit people of every age.

DEADLINE 31.8.2017

It would be a pleasure if you want to invite also all your artist friends to this project. It would be wonderful to have the whole gallery room full of congratulations.

Hundred years is something very unique. I will send the next independency celebration invitation only when there will be hundred years more.

Please send your artistic congratulations to:
Anja Mattila-Tolvanen
Jahkoontie 70
FI-36600 Pälkäne

Waiting for your response.
Thank you!

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