16 March 2015

The Tucker Fan Club

The Tucker Fan Club Needs You!!!

Hello good people. The Tucker Fan Club is interested in your Tucker related art work. Who is Tucker? Well…he’s a guy that lives in Winston Salem NC USA…do you need more? Basically the Fan Club is interested in spreading this man’s visage all over the internet through mail art. As of March 2015 the Fan Club has received work from over 30 mail-artists all over the world and we need more. All work will be shown through the main Tucker Fan Club page, and hopefully in a show later this summer. Please like the club and post your own work.

The call is open to anyone. No fees, no jury, no returns. No pornography. Work will be accepted via Postal System or digitally through email as JPG.

The only rule is that you have to use the supplied image somewhere in your work.

Post submissions should be sent to:

Tucker Fan Club

707 Watson Ave.

Winston-Salem North Carolina

27103 USA

SUBMISSIONS via email to:

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