27 March 2015

Bicyclists Coming to Richmond, VA, USA

UCI Road World Championships for 2015 are being hosted by my little city, 19 - 27 September. I'm very excited about this. 450,000 visitors are expected! About 1,000 of the world’s top cyclists from about 75 countries will compete. I live in a neighborhood that will be only blocks from the courses. How fun is this!
 So, to share my excitement, I'm putting out a Mail Art call. If you ride a bicycle, used to ride a bicycle, wish you rode a bicycle, or just plain like bicycles, please send me some Mail Art for this exhibit.

the theme: BICYCLES, of course.

Size: standard postcard, preferred.
      ( include your return address, an e-mail address, website, if you have one, so you   can be notified when your work is scanned and posted.)

Deadline: 1 September 2015

No jury, no returns, family friendly.

Send to: Mim/Bicycles
2422 Floyd Ave
Richmond, VA 23220-4410

Work will be exhibited in venues adjacent to, or near, the race events.
To date, I have two venues participating, Rostov's Coffee and Tea,  West Main Village, and Sola Salon Studios. I'm anticipating more, depending on the number of cards received.

Work will also be scanned and posted HERE. 
Photos of the exhibit will, also, be posted.


mim said...

West Main Village will be involved in finding other venues for this exhibit. Everyone is very excited to be participating.

Amy Yingling said...

Just finished my up today Mim will be putting in post tomorrow! Can we do more than one???