11 August 2014

The Premise

The premise: 
"Inspired both by the age-old practice of releasing a message in a bottle adrift into the sea and the many digital platforms (Omegle.com, Chatroulette.com, etc.) that connect random visitors through chat, P.O. Box 667 seeks participants from around the globe for an informal offline networking experiment and mail art forwarding project. The project invites participants to create and send it mail art in any and all forms: among them, letters, postcards, drawings, stories, scribbles, observations, and provocations. Each piece received is shared with a different random co-participant in the project. Participate by preparing an envelope or postcard for a stranger and mailing it to: 

                                                           P.O. Box 667
                                                           Solana Beach, CA 92075    
                                                           United States

Once your piece is received at P.O. Box 667, it will be forwarded on to someone new. In return, you’ll be sent a random piece also received at P.O. Box 667 — all for free. If you’d like, write back directly to the person whose art you received and continue the conversation or art exchange! 

Please be sure include a return address on the face of your envelope so that a piece received from someone else can be properly addressed to you. For all questions, please write Anthony Albright, project organizer, at inquiries@pobox667.com."

Thanks for your help. Really looking forward to getting this project started and seeing where it goes.

Anthony Albright

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