10 August 2014

Graham Green

Graham Greene 110
Invitation to participation in mail-art project
     We would like to dedicate the project "SPY" to the personality and creative work of a famous British writer, who made a significant contribution to the world literature; whose books inspired 42 screen versions; whose heritage includes 26 novels, 4 travel books, a book of poems, 4 autobiographies, 8 plays, 6 collections of short stories, 4 children’s books. This writer is Graham Greene. 2 of October 2014 is his 110th birthday anniversary.
     Thus within this project we propose to develop in your artworks the theme of espionage – real and fictional, reflected in mass media, spy fiction, films and TV series. Famous personages, real secret agents, famous spy plot lines, scandals, breaking news, connected with this theme, can also be the source of inspiration.
We hope this theme to be thought-provoking and interesting.
     "SPY" is an independent project organized by:
Alexander Limarev, mail-art project coordinator.
Anna Tsepkova, Associate Professor of the English Language Department, Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University (NSPU); head of the literary club “Enjoy Literature”, The Faculty of Foreign Languages, (NSPU).
The exhibitions will take place in Siberia in 2014.
The exhibitions of artworks will be hosted by:
·     The Faculty of Foreign Languages, Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University (2 October 2014) as part of the events dedicated to Graham Greene’s 110 birthday anniversary;
·     The English Language Center in Novosibirsk (Department of International Relations and Literature in Foreign Languages, Novosibirsk State Regional Scientific Library) as part of the project “Graham Greene: The Man Within” (December, 2014).
Besides, all works will be publicised on the blog: http://grahamgreene110.blogspot.ru/

Documentation of participation including certificates, a catalogue and a participant list will be sent to all participants after the exhibition in pdf format.

Printed documentation will be available depending on the sponsors.
All participants will receive links to online documentation and exhibition archive.
Participation: free. 
Everyone is welcome to take part in the project.
Technique: free (photography, painting, drawing, etching, collage, mail art boxes, artistamps, rubber stamps,  mixed techniques, 3D objects etc).
No organic materials, such as food, plants, etc.
Size: free
On the back of the work, please write: the title of your work, your full name, country, postal address, e-mail. Please sign your works in clear handwriting.
No jury, no fee, no sale, no return.
Deadline: the works are to be received by November 30, 2014.

Please send your works to the following address:

Alexander Limarev
Project organizer and curator
Do vostrebovania
For more information please contact:  s-hybrid@mail.ru

Please share this call for participation with your friends and colleagues.

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