26 August 2013

Mail Art Call: Hurricane

Mail Art Call: Hurricane

As a continuation of a project that was started in 2009, we are inviting any and all artists to submit work with the inspiration “Hurricane“. As the residents of the Gulf Coast, we are subjected to the threat of Hurricanes every year. The loss of life, homes and our dear coastline are always of utmost concern. This year we will partner with the Red Cross, a first response organization, to celebrate the love of art and our communities.


Please submit an "A5" sized postcard (210mm x 148mm/8.3" x 5.8" large sized postcard) on card stock (110, 0.16 oz, 33 to 26 ga.) the art work can be submitted via U.S.Postal Service. (If you prefer not to use the postcard format the scale of the art work dimensions artwork is not limited in size and may be sculptural to no more than 24"
Multiple submissions are accepted.

Please label all Diptychs, Triptychs, & Ghent Altar-pieces with corresponding numbers so that the art work can be correctly displayed with the artist's intention.

Art work WILL BE SOLD with proceeds going to the American Red Cross , Southeast Louisiana Chapter that is responsible for all parishes that have experienced loss during Hurricanes Katrina, Gustave and Issac. All Art Work will be available for show & sale on September 14, 2013 through October 12, 2013, at PPG, a fine art gallery,
300 Belanger Street, Louma, LA 70360 www.ppgfineartgallery.com

All art work will be sold for $25.00 per piece regardless of the skill level, & ability of artists. (This exhibition is open to ALL visual , video or musical (Cds) artists.)
All art work MUST be signed on the back so that the art work cannot be identified by the buyer until AFTER the sale. (Please DO NOT SIGN THE FRONT OF THE ART WORK to prevent cherry picking.)

Artist Information on the back of the art work must include;
"Title..." Date... Media used... Printed Name... City of origin... Signature... (& optional contact information so that the buyer can view more of your art work after the sale.)
All art work must be received by the September 14th, 2013 to be included during “Art After Dark“ reception. Art work may be mailed as a postcard, envelope, or package, or may hand delivered on or before the 14th of September, 2013
Documentation for all artists, as well as a select few images will be made available on our website

Please submit art work to;

PPG, a fine art gallery
300 Belanger Street
Houma, LA 70360

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