1 August 2013

Dreamer - project Argentina

Dear friends: I send this mail art call. I look forward to your participation and help spread. Thank you very much! Natalia

All of us have one particular vision of the world arround us. Tell us which is yours from one of these sentences:
"...Living is easy with eyes closed..." or " ...You, you may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one..."
Measures: 10x15cm. - Postal
Libre technique
Date Limit: 15-Oct -2013
Without Jury Without Selection
The works will not be given back
The received works will be exposed
Escuela Secundaria Orientada en Arte n 12
Sends your work by postal mail a
Escuela Media N 12 "Arte Correo"
Calle Liniers - 3225
CP: 1822
Lanús Oeste, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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