18 August 2012

LESS - Project


Everybody trends to have more, a little bit more or much more

depending on...

W´d like to know what you imagine along the line of "less".

Please send us a postcard  (A6, 10,5 x 14,8 cm)

with a  (one!) sentence or phrase,

containing the word "less".

You can illustrate..., of course.

All languages are welcome

(you may add your english or esperanto translation).

We collect the cards and each participant will receive a copy

of the collection with name and address of the authors.

Deadline: 2012-dec-31.

Send to:

NULA HORO (hour zero)

Willhelmshöher Weg 11

34128 Kassel


 Greets and thanx in advance

Thank you!

Wolfgang Günther

Nula Horo -

Transkultura Artokoncepto

kun Esperanto kiel Komuna Lingvo

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