14 August 2012

70 for John M. Bennett - USA

send mailart on the theme of 70 and/or John M Bennett to:
The 70 Project c/o C Mehrl Bennett    
137 Leland Ave    
OH 43214     

John M. Bennett, poet and head of Luna Bisonte Prods, will turn 70 in October
2012. Also note that he likes skulls and October is the month for All Saints’
Day/Day of the Dead/Halloween. I hope to have a venue for John to
perform his poetry with other sound artists here in Columbus, and will
definitely display THE 70 PROJECT mailart at that time. If
nothing else it will be available in a box to browse and well as scanned and
posted to a documentary blog for which I will post the website address HERE and
THERE and perhaps YOU ALL will spread it to all corners of the earth. Feel free
to invite others to contribute mailart to this project.


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