23 November 2010

December 2nd 2010

Bonjour Boys and Girls, Ladies and Gentlemen, Madammes et Monsieurs, Damen en Heren, etc.

I will be away from home between 24 xi 2010 and 06 xii 2010, will not have easy access to a computer, and so I will not be replying to IUOMA messages on a regular basis.
I am leaving the relative warmth of the South of France and going to to Darlington in the North East of England.

Darlington is famous (well, fame is relative -- think Warohl and 15 minutes) for i) being the birthplace of the railways in 1825, ii) having the worst professional football (soccer) team in the English leagues last season (although we did beat Chelsea 4-1 in a 3rd Round FA Cup replay in 1956 -- these memories are so precious that we cherish them over 50 years later!), iii) being the birthplace of me. And that's about it, folks.

If you would like to send me a piece of Mail Art to arrive on or before Thursday 2 December (the first day of the Jewish holiday of Hannukah) I will send you something back -- probably a postcard, possibly an envelope.

My address for the next couple of weeks is:

VM Herman,
18 Mayfields,
Uplands Rd,
GB - Darlington DL3 7TU,

Thank you.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible;
Regards, Val

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