25 September 2010

I love Brazilian Culture

Call for artists/ art mail

Theme: I love Brazilian Culture

As part of the 3rd Biennale des Arts Brésiliens of Brussels, we are conducting a mail art project on the theme: I love Brazilian Culture.

All artists, residents in Brazil and the world, Brazilian or not, are invited to send mail art on any aspect of the Brazilian culture for the exhibition at the Maison des Cultures de Saint Gilles in Brussels, Belgium.

Send your work about all aspects of Brazilian culture : dance, cults, music, football, martial art, food, tourism, native and afro brazilian culture, nature, literature, popular art, cinema, people diversity, language, food, music, cities, forests, animals, carnival, landscapes, literature, cinema, danses like Maracatu, frevo, caboclinhos, jongo, coco de zambê, carnival, samba, bumba-meu-boi, tambor de crioula, tambor de mina, dance of the Kongo, Moçambique, candomblé, macumba, cacuriá, lundu, carimbó, frevo, coco de roda,ciranda,frevo, samba, , cachaça, legends, stories, myths, landscapes, cities, personages, , capoeira, maculelê, history, heroes, quilombos, musical instruments, popular toys, ceramics, antropofágic movement, at last everything that can be illustrated and to represent our diversity and creativity. ( google.br)

Size: Postcards 10 x 15 cm - maximum 3 postcards per artist

NO RETURN – NO SELECTION – NO JURY (erotic images, violent, racist or insulting works will not be included in the show)

Technique: collage, draw, painting…

Exhibition: at the Maison des Cultures de Saint Gilles, in Brussels, Septembre 2011, as part of the 3rd Biennial des Arts Brésiliens de Bruxelles. I also plan on having a mail art show around Brazil in 2014 (world cup of football) and 2016 (Olympics) - Date to be announced.

Documentation: All works will be posted on the blog


all works must be sent by post

Please provide your name, surname, nationality and e-mail address.

Deadline to be received for the 3th Biennial: September 15, 2011

Inêz da Silva
Rue Saint Bernard, 17- bte 54
1060 Brussels

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