25 September 2010

Human Colours, Music

Call for pARTicipation – “Donate a chance at life”-
Part two
Here is my open call for a charitable mail art Exhibition. Please help me spread the call as much as possible all over the planet, so spread it as much as you can.

Human Colours, Music

International MAIL ART Exhibition in Thessaloniki

November 2010

On the occasion of the slogan “Donate a chance at life” of the Hellenic Society of Haematology, we are organizing a Mail Art exhibition in Athens, Greece and we are inviting artists from all over the world to participate and donate, with their work, the blood of life for their fellow-man.
Title: Human Colours, Music (part 2)
Technique: free.
Format: painting, drawing, print, collage, Envelopes, Artistamps, (without frame or glass)
(Only original works will be accepted, photocopies or e-mails of works will not be accepted)
Size, only: ex libris, post card (10x15 cm), A4 (19x29,7 cm).
All works must be sending by post with postage stamps.
Works will not be returned, they will all be exhibited.
All proceeds will be donated to the Hellenic Society of Haematology (www.eae.gr/new/index.asp) and will be auctioned by it for its purposes.
The exhibition will be held in Vellideio Cultural Centre in Thessaloniki on November 2010.
Artists who wish to take part in this exhibition as well should send their works until October 10 - 2010.
Catalogue will be sent to everyone by the Hellenic Society of Haematology.
Online catalogue on the website: 
-Main Organisation:
-Hellenic Society of Haematology www.eae.gr/new/index.asp
-Under the auspices of the:
-José Carreras Friends Association of Greece-Fight against Leukemia (www.carreras-gr.blogspot.com  and the
-Gina Bachauer International Music Association (www.bachauer.org)
Art director- initiator - curator of the project:
Thomai Kontou
Special Music Consultant:
Constantine P. Carambelas-Sgourdas

Artistic coordination:
Stavros Galatos
Assistant curator
Ioanna Papachristou
Theoretical curator of music and art.
Despoina Pagoni

Works can be sent to:

Thomai Kontou
Xanthou 9,
40200 Elassona,

Please do not forget to note your address and e-mail.
Any artist is welcome to paint on music paper if they wish to. Examples of music paper can be found at the following website: www.dolmetsch.com/manuscriptpaper.htm

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