23 June 2010

Spaceblog and NASA

FLUXMUSEUM spends est. $2.5 Billion in Taxpayer Money to Exhibit in Space.
To boldly go where no museum has gone before, the Fluxmuseum, on the whim of artist Gary Bibb, begins a global initiative to invite artists from around the world to participate in, what may well be, the most expensive exhibition ever mounted. The Exhibition: Fluxface in Space, using the last shuttles in the Nasa Space Shuttle Program will be launched into orbit this fall.

Using the Face In Space Program from NASA - we are organizing a "Fluxface in Space" exhibition to be launched into orbit on the last two Space Shuttles! Artists are to create one original postcard sized work of art in any media (preferably collage/ photo-montage) with the themes of Space Exploration & the Arts, the Shuttle Program, Outerspace, Rockets, Astronauts, Astronomy etc . This will be a commemorative project around the fact that the Space Shuttle program is coming to an end after these last two flights.

Of course the Fluxmuseum is not actually spending any taxpayer money. This money will be or has been spent by NASA without our help. We're just using a little digital space on the shuttle computers.

What to do:
Create a work of art 4x6 inches in size on paper about Space Exploration, Astronomy, the Universe etc. with the words - Fluxface in Space, for a Fluxmuseum exhibition. In addition, 1) jpg. photo of the art 2) one jpg. photo of you holding the art - same size as the art, 4x6. NOTE: see the helpful hints below for guidance.
Register and upload the photo of you holding (or with) the artwork to NASA: http://faceinspace.nasa.gov/
ONCE REGISTERED include the NASA conformation number on back of the artwork and photograph along with the Space Shuttle mission number, artist name, country, website and/or email address.
Email jpg. (4" x 6" 180 dpi - max) images of the artwork and the photo along with your name, country and Shuttle mission # for the online exhibition to: angellaferrara@gmail.com
You also have the opportuniity to submit a statement related to space exploration and the arts - not required but appreciated. (250 word maximum). Please email with the images for the web exhibition.

DEADLINE TO UPLOAD PHOTO (of you with the art) TO NASA: AUGUST 1, 2010 - http://faceinspace.nasa.gov/
NOTE: see the helpful hints below for guidance.



Deadlines will be enforced - so don't delay. The artwork must have embedded somewhere in the image, or on the front of the card, the words "Fluxface in Space". PLEASE NOTE - the Fluxmusem will only accept one entry per artist. Complinance to all the guidelines listed are required to be included in the Fluxface in Space exhibitions, publications and museum archive.

Helpful Hints:

The self portrait photo w/ art - try to position your artwork somewhat close to your face in the photo. That way your face and the art will be uploaded. NASA will have you crop the photo to about 3"x3" on the website using their program. It's easy.

Printing the conformation - once you have uploaded your photo, you will see a Shuttle lift-off, then a conformation page will pop-up. I suggest you write down the information from this page - the mission number and conformation number in case you have problems printing, that way you will have the info.

To print:
1) click on print this page
2) expand the new screen to see the print this page - click on prompt
3) the print window opens - the document is posted as Microsoft xps doc. writer in the printer type menu
4) sort thru the menu - select your printer type
5) click ok - it should print
6) NASA does have a helpful FAQ section on their site if you have problems.

Send the artwork and a 4x6 copy of the photo of you with the artwork to:

Fluxface in Space
6955 Pinon Street
Fort Worth, TX 76116

The online exhibition will be featured at: http://fluxfaceinspace.blogspot.com
We are pleased to announce that Angela Ferrara, Curator of the ABAD exhibition at MUBE - Sao Paulo, Brazil, will be the primary image archivist for the online exhibit.

An exhibition (or multiple exhibitions) will be arranged and a catalog published using the art, photos and statements. The catalog will be available for purchase once the Fluxface in Space collection has been compiled.

The Fluxmuseum may request a copy of the space flight certificate for the archive. All participants will aquire the certificate from NASA after the Space Shuttle has returned from the mission. (See the faceinspace.nasa.gov website for details).

Thank you to all participants!
Gary A. Bibb, Cecil Touchon, Angela Ferrara

Additional contacts - cecil touchon@fluxmuseum.org

The Small Print...
By submitting artwork to the Fluxmuseum for the Fluxface in Space exhibition, the artist acknowledges and agrees to the guidelines and the following terms.

The artist agrees to donate, by way of unrestricted gift, and therefore transfers and assigns absolutely all artworks submitted for the Fluxface in Space exhibition to the Ontological Museum for the Fluxmuseum to become part of its permanent collection.

Though the copyright is retained in full by the artist, the donor grants unlimited and unrestricted copyright usage of the work donated to the Fluxmuseum for the Museum's use for educational purposes, publications, publicity, fundraising, etc. as the museum deems appropriate.

NASA's policies you will have to conform to relating to images:

a. You may not use the Face in Space website for any activities such as hate speech or material that ridicules others on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, disability, national origin, age, or sexual orientation.
b. You may not post any material that is defamatory or libelous, or materials describing or depicting sexually explicit conduct, as defined by 18 U.S.C. § 2256, or other sexually oriented materials.
c. You may not post any materials related to illegal gambling, illegal weapons, terrorist activities, and any other illegal activities or activities otherwise prohibited.
d. You are responsible for ensuring that any documents, files, or other material you upload to the Face in Space website includes appropriate content with proper authority to upload and does not contain copyrighted material without proper permission, nor shall such content introduce viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots, corrupted files or any similar software or programs that may damage the operation of the Face in Space website or any NASA computer.
e. You may not post a photograph of any minor child unless you are the parent or legal guardian of such child and provide consent to such photograph being collected, use.


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