4 June 2010

Florence Cassez Support Comite


Our Florence Cassez Support Comite in Wervik organizes a mail art project in support for this woman who is unfairly jailed in Mexico. Would you be so kind as to relay our call for entries. You'll find informations on our website in French, English and Dutch.

Thanks in Advance



Project "Florence is onschuldig" in support of Florence Cassez.
• Theme : Justice, Freedom - Postcards should bear the mention : « Florence is onschuldig » (Florence is innocent)
• Our Goal : To raise awareness and support for Florence Cassez in the region of Wervik, and around the world. To engage participants in a reflexion over the importance of freedom and the need of an honest justice.
• Size : Postcard, maximum size 10,5 x 21 cm or US half letter.
• Technic : Free : Drawing, collage, calligraphy, stamp, painting, etc, etc
• Participation : Open to all.
• Deadline : December 31 2010
• Rules : No Jury, No price, No return
• Exhibition :
- Postcards will be showed on this website
!!! We will publish only your name and country of residence, unless you allow us to give more informations (street, city).
-Postcards will be showed at the window of the Florence Cassez Steuncomitee
- An exhibition will take place in Februari 2011 in Wervik, Belgium, at the
Sint-Janskapel, Steenakker 30, 8940 Wervik.
- Postcards will later be showed at various other events in support of Florence Cassez.

• Adress :

Florence Cassez Steuncomitee – Wervik
Magdalenastraat 67
8940 Wervik

• You'll find more informations on our website :

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