10 September 2009



I walk in the street, in the metro station, in the mall and the majority of the faces are almost anonimous, just for a while I feel lonely in this crowded society and in my mind I ' d like to add colors on some sad faces, and somebody want to paint the mine sometimes. I back home and I start to draw lots of faces those sorround me with my homemade eucaliptus ink, and I immagine peoples taking my drawings and interact them with the colors. I will expose my original drawings in a simple installation, and approaching the viewers for invite them to be the performance. I let them choose a potrait, I let them sit and relax and using the material for design on a desk they will interact the drawing however they wants. Like in a psichiatric session, they will draw what they have inside their mids. The partecipants will be documented by videos and photographies. All the centre of the action will be painting the heads establishing a fluxus between the drawing and the participant.

The fluxus is the intervention on the drawing and rappresent a kind of reflection on the subject with a bit of introspection. I paint this subject like this because my immagination see this person in this colors. Colors means, acts, sensations,lifes, attitudes, madness why not? and with the faces they will resume an ipotetical life.The persons whom participate last event amuse very much. This operation it wants to enjoy and to make reflection on the modalities to make art, being left free field whoever interact and write a fundamental part of the history of the work; breaking absolutely the rules fixed artist- public.

The artist in this operation wants to play with the identities, sharing the portraits space with all the world and accepting all the contributed expressions in the works. Whom take part must sign the back of the work. The example that a more "democratic art" exists but, approached by everybody and outside the art market rules.

My project looks like a kinda psycanalisis, you just choose a drawing and you will start to remember when you was young, what colors, what shapes, what lines do you like. You do remember the last draw you did, or a potrait you did to somebody, or remind you pleasant moments. Some peoples color my drawings following a tidy order, others make the opposite, others dont like to draw or color but they do it as well.

http://www.rostrosanonimos.co.cc/ where the project runs online as well and absolutely free.

Luca Squarcialupi.

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