23 August 2009

Fatshion zine

An upcoming and new Fatshion zine is seeking mail art submissions to be republished in our first issue. Submissions are due by August 30th, 2009. Accepted pieces will receive a free copy of the zine in response. Please see the below call for submissions for ideas and political platform. Please send in postcard format, both sides to be reproduced.

Fatshion Zine Call for Submissions

Are you interested in taking part in a yet-to-be named fierce, Radical Fatshion (fat fashion) zine project? I am looking for anyone interested in submitting writing or easy-to-reproduce visual art/comics.

Here are some topics that I specifically would be happy to see in the zine:

-Commentary on/tearing apart the mainstream plus size fashion industry
-Pretty pictures of our favorite cheap and chic and riotous and fabulous fatshions
-Fat/plus-size diy projects
-Reviews and shout outs of products/shops/blogs that we love
-A collage
-Other stuff like crossword puzzles, short comic strips, smut about fucking in the Torrid fitting room, whatever. AND OH YEAH, stores about our fat childhoods/pre-adolescent/
teenage years.
-The experiences of folk who are a size 28+, POC, poor/working class, queer, trans, and/or diff-abled.

I am also looking for folk to help me brainstorm a name and make copies and staple things and make layouts and stuff. Volunteer! I also need an artist or two interested in creating cover art and graphics.

This project and its time line are still taking shape, but my goal is to have a finished first issue by September 10th, 2009! The deadline for submissions is August 30th. Please re-post and tell your friends.

This is going to be a wholly fat-positive/glorifying, trans-inclusive, anti-racist/poc centered, anti-class-ist, acknowledging our privilege type of shebang. And, of course, really fun and ferocious.

Submissions, questions, comments, whateves can go to:
Taueret Manu

Taueret Manu
Radical Fatshion Zine
1662 Hoe Ave Apt 3H
Bronx, NY 10460


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