18 April 2009

Mail Art Call for Entries

Hello! I have received a sizeable grant for a public art display of the entries in Sept. of this year. I sincerely hope you will participate in my project! Documentation to all participants in the form of a catalogue
Diane Keys

Any Size, Any Medium. Send me a personal diary page--can be literal or figurative. I will return with a personal diary page of my own. This is my way of preserving the ancient ways. When was the last time you got a glimpse into someone else's psyche? Let's fight the erosion of personal communication. Virtual communication will never supply the intimacy that the handwritten words does. Deadline is July 1, 2009. Documentation provided to all. There will be a show at the Elgin Art Showcase. Send to: Dear Diary Mail Art Call 407 South Liberty St Elgin IL 60120 Email if questions, but you can't email an entry to me!!:) Friendlyfeline@sbcglobal.net

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