18 April 2009

Dangerous Art - Argentina

Mail art call "Dangerous art"

Some art and craft materials contain toxic or harmful chemicals, yet artists often use these materials without adequate information about their composition and potencial risks. Artists usualy lack training in safety procedures, even though they are using chemicals. To help increase awareness on this theme we invite to participate in the mail art call “dangerous art”

Any technique may be used – collage, photography, drawing, painting, artist's stamps, sculpture, assemblage, etc. Size:free

Documentation will be provided online and all art received will be posted at: http://dangerousart.blogspot.com/

A collective exhibition is to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the end of the call at the atelier/cultural space “Unidad Multiple”. Other exhibitions and future publication of material is possible depending upon opportunities and the response to this call.
No jury, no fee, no returns.

Please include your name and address.
info: silvietta_bocca@yahoo.com.ar

Deadline to be received: September 30, 2009.

Silvia Bocca
Marcelo Fitte 1755 piso 15 D
(1428) Capital Federal
Ciudad de Buenos Aires

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