11 November 2008

Blue String Drawing

Mail Art Project: Blue String Drawing #1212

There will be three sets of 10 small envelopes. Each set of 10 is the same. So we will have the same thing three times. Each set of ten will be bound by a blue string, forming a single unit.

They will be MAILED: three packages going to three different places at the same time.
The people who receive the packages only have to take a picture of the Blue String Drawing in some particular location that is easily accessible to them. These will be Reference Points, which we will plot on a map. When they have taken the picture like they are supposed to do, then they email the picture to us and MAIL the package to the next person who is going to receive it. Once we have the picture we give them the address to where they are supposed to send the package next. Once the package arrives there the process is repeated until finally...

Each package will in the end arrive and be photographed at each of the Cleopatra's Needles (Paris, London and New York City) on Dec 12, 2012 at 3:35 pm.
We will document this journey at each stage.

We are looking for people all over the world who will receive the packages, photograph them, and forward them to the next person. The express interest and learn more please reply to:


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