23 June 2007

Guerrilla Mail Art

I hear you are THE mail art artist, so I wanted to tell you about a mail art campaign I am waging against giant corporations. I use the pre-paid business reply cards they send as junk mail every day (that way they pay the postage) and collage art onto the back.The cards go back to the corporations, and I hope someone on the other end finds them and maybe thinks about issues usually hidden. Or at least get a smile out of them. Here is the website I've set up for this: www.GuerrillaArt.org

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Jane said...

I've done the same on and off for years. It started when I was a member of a book club and they just would'nt stop sending me junk mail even after I'd written twice to ask them to stop.
They had obviously passed my details on to other clubs as I was getting junk from all over the place, so I started using their pre-paid envelopes sending their junk back, only prettier.