24 June 2007

Feast of the history mail art call

"Feast of the history" mail art call
Received from Anna Boschi

Città di Castel S.Pietro Terme - Assessorato alla Cultura

International Mail Art Project

"Feast of the history"
We are the history:
Know ourselves and know it

Since some years in Bologna and its hinterland takes place the "Feast of History" with meetings, shows, exhibitions that are placed in palaces, squares, streets, churches, cloisters, theatres, schools and public places. Here we talk about the most common historiography issues: the roots and the antecedents of our presents, the unresolved enigmas, the inheritances, the mysterys, the premises and prospective of issues tied to the environment, economy, relations, communications. There are no limit or boundaries of time. The themes that are discussed are those that form our daily life, and that approach us to our ancestors, here like in the rest of the world: music, food, sport, fashion, art, religion, politics, technology. Bologna and the centres of its territory become therefore the theatre for a series of undertakings promoted and organized by the Laboratorio Multidisciplinare di Ricerca Storica and by the Alma Mater along with many public boards and private associations. But especially thanks to the presence of the students, of every school course and of any provenance. It's them the protagonist of the events, participating in meeting with scholars of international fame, putting out the results of their researches led in collaboration with a lot of town's institution. Therefore is not just a simple parade of events, but a "feast" in its true sense, as in it participate many components of the town in a meeting between local and universal history for a better respect of the historical property and a better awarness of the great recent-events.

Project by: Laboratorio Multidisciplinare di Ricerca Storica, Facoltà di Scienze della Formazione, Dipartimento di Discipline Storiche dell’Università di Bologna.

Edited by: Anna Boschi

Deadline: August, 31st 2007
Technique/Medium: free
Sizes: A4 (cm 30 x 21) – No xerox

Send the works to:
by Anna Boschi
Via G. Tanari n. 1445/B
40024 Castel S.Pietro Terme (BO)

NO RETURN – Documentation to the participants (see all works at www.mailartmeeting.com)

Thanks in advance to everybody.

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