31 January 2019

Mail Art Egg Project - Hungary

Mail Art Egg Project 2019
Dear Artist Colleague!
This is the 8th time that the Mail Art Egg Project is being announced.

Topic: egg, as a form, shape, pattern
Project time: 20th January – 31st March 2019
Address: Éva Mosonyi, 19 Hegyalja Street, Pécs, H-7625, Hungary
Webpage: http://evamosonyi.wordpress.com

- Every art-piece has to be sent via post.
- No technical limitations: you can use pen or pencil, dye or chalk, B/W or colour, graphics, montage, collage, photo, etc. You can even create it in 3D.
– All art-pieces will be scanned and uploaded to my webpage (https://evamosonyi.wordpress.com).
- Similarly to the previous years, the entire collection will be donated to the Budapest Stamp Museum where – by the way – you can find the most stamps in the world. Since they just established their mail art section therefore these mails and postcards will be kept for the after-world and can be seen any time during opening hours.
- The collection will be exhibited at Budapest Stamp Museum (47. Hársfa Street, Budapest 1074), let me hereby invite you for the opening ceremony at Friday, 12th April, 15:00 CET. The exhibition is open from 12th April to 20th April 2019.
I would like to ask your help in sharing this announcement to your friends, relatives, colleagues, so they can also participate in this project!

I look forward to your beautiful letter too 😊
If you send me, I’ll send one to you as well 😉
Thank you and kind regards:
Éva Mosonyi

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