27 June 2018

Classic Horror Films - USA

Classic Horror Films
Deadline October 1st,  2018
Evans City is where the classic horror film Night of the Living Dead was filmed. In October a Living Dead Weekend (festival) is held in this small town located in western Pennsylvania, U.S.A.  This year the local library is hosting a mail art show honoring movies that keep us awake at night!

The library is also hosting a second mail art show in September.                                                                                   What I saw at the library!      Deadline September 1st  2018        
Artwork  size 5X7 inches. Artwork will not be returned.
Artwork will be viewed by all ages please be family friendly.
Evans City Public Library
205 South Jackson Street
Evans City, PA 16033   U.S.A
For more info : jill_eudaly@yahoo.com

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